5 Invaluable Pieces Of Advice From Leaders


Click around the People and Lifestyles sections of this site, and you’ll find hundreds of professionals with useful life advice. But when Leaders give advice, that’s a time to really listen. Wise counsel from Leaders often comes with gusto, with perspective, with an eye toward helping you reach a goal on behalf of yourself or a community.

Leaders are independent thinkers with the skill and the will to connect with others, to rally diverse viewpoints and disciplines to their side to accomplish something meaningful. But you can also trust they don’t do what they do solely in their self-interest. That’s what makes film directors, personal trainers and education executives great Leaders — they need you, care what you think, and, hopefully, they know what they don’t know, too. Check out the videos and quotes below for some indispensable advice from people like TV director Anthony Hemingway, esports broadcaster Gabriella Devia Allen, and education executive Sara Nilles.

Anthony Hemingway

Anthony Hemingway has directed episodes of some of the most popular and beloved TV shows of the decade: American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, Shameless, Empire, Treme, and more. That means working with stars, showrunners, writers rooms, and massive Hollywood crews. You don’t run a set on a Ryan Murphy or David Simon production if you can’t lead effectively. Here’s what Hemingway has to say on the matter:

“Directing requires more than just sitting and calling action and cut. It’s learning and knowing how to care for the environment and workplace, for the crew. [That’s what] I get really involved in.

And these days, Hemingway is working on developing his own projects, trying to get stories on screen that speak to him personally, deepening his connection with the material and the people working on it. Learn more in the video below.

Gabriella Devia Allen

Better known as Le Tigress when she’s casting esports, Gabriella Devia Allen has become a rising journalistic star in the exploding world of esports. And as a woman in a field dominated by young men, her advice for young people hoping to break into competitive gaming resonates twice as loud.

“I always tell people, ‘Make sure you’re always doing something’ (the same advice once given to me). If you’ve got the passion and what it takes, eventually one of those things will stick … Don’t be afraid of criticism, but don’t forget to pride what you do well. These are things you can do from anywhere with any background.”

Read our full interview for Devia Allen’s thoughts on gaining a foothold the industry, being creative while authentic, and how to handle yourself on the sometimes long road to your goals.

Katrina Scott & Karena Dawn

ToneItUp is the largest fitness community for women in the world, founded by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn. It’s driven by a dedicated but positive ethos that its countless followers find appealing when making daily fitness and diet decisions. But it’s hard to imagine the enterprise catching on like wildfire if people weren’t interested in following the example of its two magnetic founders.

Before staring ToneItUp, Scott and Dawn saw a fitness world that could be intimidating, driven near-exclusively by achievement thinking. Like any good leaders, Scott and Dawn viewed this blind spot as an opportunity to lead by welcoming, not by force. Learn more in the video below.

“Forge real-world teaching relationships and be ready to ask customers about their personal goals.” —Katrina Scott

Sara Nilles

If you’re looking for the young leaders of America, look no further than student councils. And by that logic, the person who leads and inspires an entire state of them must be quite the Leader herself. Sara Nilles has acted as the executive director for the Oregon Association of Student Councils for almost a decade, this after another decade as a middle school math and technology teacher.

She knows how to rally people effectively and when to listen to her peers. And extremely relevant to this discussion is the advice Nilles would have given her teenage self:

“Make stronger connections and relationships! I planned a lot of events being in leadership and was a “doer,” but didn’t really take the time to get to know the people I was “doing” for. I was all about checking something off a list, adding it to my resume, always thinking towards the future of college and beyond (which is great) but I missed out on the present. Live more in the moment, listen more, and talk less.”

Read our full interview with Sara here.

Clayton Kershaw

Finally, there’s no better way to end this blog than with a bit of wisdom from one of the greatest baseball pitchers ever to set foot on a mound or rally his teammates in the clubhouse. Here’s three-time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw on his idea of leadership.

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