5 Organizers Who Keep Life On Track


We all know someone who has a virtually impossible number of irons in the fire yet never seems to drop them. With school clubs, sports, activities, community groups, and jobs, natural Organizers are always on the move and always have their ducks in a row.

Of course, their lives often look different depending on the person and their interests. It could be organizing a team and ensuring their success, or prioritizing a bevy of positions and tasks to achieve the desired effect. Whatever they have their eye on, Organizers always have the right people and the right resources in the right place.

Read on for more on how Organizers in the creative, esports and business worlds keep their spheres in orbit.

Charm La’Donna

Professional dance performance requires peak physical shape, coordination and countless hours of practice. Producing it for some of the world’s biggest musical stars takes all that and a sharp attention to detail, something Charm La’Donna has in spades.

The creative director and choreographer has worked on music videos, tours and live television with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Selena Gomez and her childhood idol Britney Spears. She auditions dancers, rehearses with them on precision scripts and puts it all together with the stars. To La’Donna, it’s all about creating the right environment.

Watch La’Donna talk more about realizing her childhood dream in our video interview.

Mike “Typo” Bassett

Esports team manager Mike “Typo” Bassett is an everyman for the Super Smash Bros Melee squad he runs. While his players are digitally crushing the competition, he organizes their business spheres from social media to expense reports. Plus, he coordinates practice partners and ensures the team has sustenance during long tournament hours.

What’s more amazing is that Bassett does it all for the Los Angeles-based Immortals remotely from his Ann Arbor, Michigan home. Gaming is his passion — he is himself a Smash enthusiast — and via friends, connections and his YouTube channel, he’s found a way to make it a career from a distance.

Typo gives us the skinny on organizing an esports giant in our video interview.

Jeremy & Shane McCassy

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the faces of the Tone It Up women’s fitness mega-brand. But behind the scenes? Jeremy and Shane McCassy keep the business end powering forward. Jeremy runs business development, seeking ways to increase exposure and create revenue. Shane manages finance and legal, ensuring their operation checks all the right boxes.

Both have a passion for the fitness and outdoor lifestyle; Jeremy’s path to Tone It Up started in surfing and working for surf brand No Fear. But they also have a penchant for the details that keep the business humming forward.

Hear the brothers tell their stories in our interview.

Joseph Rudy

In sports, people talk about the best coaches also acting as ambassadors for their games. Joseph Rudy fits the mold for the burgeoning world of esports. As varsity esports director at Coker College, a South Carolina liberal arts school, the experienced gamer wears many different hats.

He recruits and develops the next generation of professional gamers while also organizing competitive and networking events, something he’s done since his own playing days at Penn State.

Rudy chats more about esports’ growth at the collegiate level and what it takes to coach in our Q&A.

Angelov Farooq

School board vice president. Technology incubator. Entrepreneur. The sheer volume of endeavors in Dr. Angelov Farooq’s world requires passion and incredible organization — specifically because of the philanthropic motives behind them.

Dr. Farooq looks to influence and help from his position as vice president of Riverside, California’s unified school board district, which comprises 50 public schools and utilizes a half-billion dollars in funding each year. In his mission to ensure equity across the district, he prioritizes visiting as many classrooms as he can to get a sense of what takes place and where that money can best be spent. Balance that with his EXCITE technology incubator in Downtown Riverside, and you get a life lived for a community’s future.

Watch Dr. Farooq talk more about his hometown in our video interview.

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