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1% Better - Slow and Steady Wins the Race 20 min

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  • Level 2

Additional Materials: FlipGrid

The purpose behind this activity is to teach students the importance of small improvements. Getting 1% better every day in one aspect of your life will have a significant impact after 30 days, 100 days, 365 days. The small improvements that we accomplish will build the foundation for reaching our long term goals.

Play the video “1% Better Every Day” by James Clear to introduce this idea to students.

Reiterate to students that small changes can have a big impact in a person’s life.
Ask your students to identify 2-3 habits they want to get 1% better at and record their responses on FLIPGRID. In their video students should also discuss why they want to improve on these 2-3 habits specifically and what steps they are going to take to achieve this moment.

Alternatively, assign the 1% Better handout for students to fill out.

1% Better Interactive

Interactive Preview

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