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Ask a Friend 20 min

  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Chalkboard

This activity will connect what we have learned about skills and talents with self esteem. This is a great opportunity to discuss with students that at their age being good at something doesn’t necessarily mean being the best. Some students have never thought about what they’re good at, others may feel hesitant to say they are good at something because of what others might think, there are many circumstances that hold them back. This is one step towards building the students confidence.

Begin the activity with a class discussion about self esteem, write the following on the board:

What do you judge yourself on?

Get students to shout out answers to this question and write them on the board. You can provide a few examples; looks, social media followers, mistakes, family issues, school grades.

Continue the discussion by asking students the following (write their answers on the board) :

What are moments where you lose self esteem?
What are ways to build self esteem?

Explain to students that they are often very hard on themselves and allow their lack of confidence to hinder their ability to identify and build on what they’re good at. Get students to partner with someone in the class that knows them fairly well. Get them to identify what they believe the other students strengths, skills and talents are and complete the Ask a Friend activity. Students will also answer a few questions prior to asking their friend, based on the class discussion. Once students have received this feedback from their friends, they should re-examine what they have listed as their skills and strengths and see if there is anything new they can add based on their friend’s responses.

Note: Alternatively, this activity can be designated as a take-home assignment. As some students may not have someone they feel they are close with in the class, taking this out of the classroom may give students a better opportunity to approach a close friend or peer without feeling pressured.

To summarize the lesson, explain to students that once they know their strengths and build on those by continually doing them over and over again, they will build their self confidence. Remind them to judge themselves based on what they’re good at, not what they’re bad at.

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