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Find Your Mentor 1 hour

  • Level 2

Building upon the previous activity, students will dive deeper into mentors by specifically listing out the questions, insights and knowledge they would want from an ideal mentor. This activity will help create a frame of reference as they search through the FYG virtual mentors available, in order to give them an idea of the different people they can learn from.

Part One
Students will complete the Find My Mentor activity in order to create an outline of what their ideal mentor is. Before assigning, feel free to remind students what the purpose of a mentor.

Part Two
In this part of the activity, students will be asked to go on the FYG website or app in order to discover the mentors that are available. They will be asked to select 3 and specifically state what sparked their interest for these particular people.

These mentors are to be randomly chosen, although students will be matched to mentors based on similarities in lifestyles, we want to see whether students organically identify with these mentors or find interest in other lifestyles

It is recommended that before you assign this activity to your students, you should familiarize yourself with the mentors and content that the students will be searching through on Find Your Grind. This will give you a foundation to talk to your students about the virtual mentors, as well as the valuable insight and information that is provided.

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