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It’s Still All About Me 30 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Additional Materials: FlipGrid

In order to do this activity, students will need to have completed Activity 1A – All About Me, as it will build upon their self-reflection by now examining how other people perceive them.

Part One
The purpose of this activity is to have students reflect on the importance of taking in the perspectives of others. Sometimes we are told that we should not care what others think of us; however, this situation isn’t always so black and white. We can find value in how others perceive us and can use this information to grow as individuals. To introduce this concept to the class, play the following Advice From Someone You Respect video. Provide students with the following prompts:

Why should we consider what those we care about think of us?
What would you be like if you truly did not care about what others think of you?
Who do you take advice from? Who do you listen to, even if they don’t know you are listening? Why do you do this?

Part Two
Generally, when we take advice from someone, that person is someone who we respect, value, and trust. Who are these people to you? What would these individuals say about you? Once the students have reflected on who these people are, assign them the Squad View assignment.

Tell students to select two individuals in their life who they greatly respect, have leaned on for advice, or who are simply someone they trust. These two individuals need to be more than just casual acquaintances. Examples of a mentor could include: parents, grandparents, coach, teacher, church member, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.

Note: Students need to identify someone who they believe can provide honest feedback. They need to understand this is about making you a better person, not just to make you feel good.

Students should have these two individuals take the same three assessments that the student took previously (HumanMetrics, Grit Test, Love Languages) and answer the questions about the student, not themselves. As they complete each assessment, the student should record the results within the document so that they can analyze and reflect on the results.

Have students create a FLIPGRID reflective video based on the results from their own assessments and the Squad View assessments.
To aid in their response, provide the students with the following prompts:

How does your self-perceptions align with how others perceive you? Were they similar or different?
Do you disagree with any of the results from those you trust. Why?

Stage 1 - Lesson 4 - Activity 1b Advice From Someone You Respect

Play Video - 0:42

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