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LinkedIn 45 min

  • Level 2

Additional Materials: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a valuable and necessary online tool that is used to showcase an individual’s professional self and grow their network. In this activity, students will learn what LinkedIn is, how it is different from other social networking platforms, and how they can use LinkedIn to promote their personal brand and create professional opportunities. 

Begin the class by leading a class discussion on LinkedIn to gage your students’ understanding of the platform. To help generate discussion, use the following prompts: 

Does anyone know what LinkedIn is? 

What is it used for?

Have any of you used LinkedIn? 

Of those who know what it is or have used it, do you think LinkedIn is necessary in the workforce? 

Assign the “Would You Post This On LinkedIn?” activity to your students. Let your students know that this activity will require them to compare and contrast LinkedIn with other social networking platforms to differentiate between what type of content should be posted on LinkedIn versus other platforms. This will help them to distinguish between using social media as a personal platform versus a professional networking tool. 

Would You Post This on LinkedIn?

Interactive Preview

Once your students have completed the activity, walk through the Learning LinkedIn Teacher Aid. If your class has completed Stage 1 Lesson 2 Activity 2 Build Your Brand, remind them that their personal brand statement was created to help inform their decision-making and how they live their life. They can use that statement to help them create their professional brand, which inform them as they create their own LinkedIn page for fun with an understanding of the purpose and structure.

Teacher Aid


Once students have signed up for their LinkedIn account, instruct them that they should reference their resume and past activities to help them fill out a complete profile. Remind them that this profile is a representation of their professional brand and the information they add should reflect this. As your students complete their profiles, encourage them to explore people on LinkedIn that work in industries/topics they may be interested in. By examining how others present themselves professionally, your students will have a better indication on how they can improve their professional image, both online and in person. 

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