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Mentor Match Up 40 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

In order to do this activity, students will need to have completed Lesson 2 Activity 2 – Find Your Mentor, as this activity will ask them to recall the 3 mentors they have picked and conduct a compare and contrast based on their lifestyles and the lifestyles of their chosen mentors. It is also necessary that the students have completed their Lifestyle Assessment in order to receive their lifestyle matches for this activity.

From this activity, students will further examine their lifestyle matches to determine whether they believe their matches accurately reflect their interests and the people they are interested in learning from.

Using the Mentor Match Up activity, have your students recall the 3 mentors they have chosen and list the lifestyles associated with these mentors. Then instruct your students to write down the lifestyles they were matched with based on their assessment.
From this information, they will answer the following questions:

Were there any similarities or differences between your lifestyle matches and those of your chosen mentors?
If your lifestyles didn’t match, why do you think that is?
Does this change how you view your lifestyle matches? Your chosen mentors?

Once your students have completed their comparison, ask them to now go and find 1 mentor with the same lifestyle matches as them. Once they have found that mentor, have them answer the following questions:

What are your initial thoughts on this new mentor? Do you identify with them? Do they interest you? Etc. Why or why not?
Do you think that mentor is accurately representing their lifestyle? Explain your thoughts.
Do you think that this mentor will be more beneficial for you? Will you learn more from them? – Why or why not?
Does this mentor help you gain a better understanding about your lifestyle matches?
Do you think your lifestyle matches are accurate?

Students who do not believe their matches are accurate after this activity can be advised to either retake their Lifestyle Assessment or adjust their lifestyle options by going to the FYG website, where they will click on their profile, go to ‘Your Grind’ and use the stars to add or remove lifestyles. This will allow students to further tailor their identity and career exploration moving forward.

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