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Misfit Exploration 30 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Part One – Partner Discussion
Have students pair up to discuss the question: “Is there any misfit in my lifestyles that I have identified?  The purpose here is to have students think about how their lifestyle choices may have exposed some inner “misfit” in them…is there something that they are interested in that they have perhaps never explored or communicated?  Are they fearful of being different? Are they simply unaware? What are they thinking now?

Part Two – Class Discussion
Transition students back to their desks. Ask students to reflect on these prompts:

Am I aware of any inner misfit?

If so, how am I thinking about my inner misfit differently?  How is my thinking impacting my future?

Ask your students to share their thoughts with the class.

To conclude the lesson, do three things:

  1. Have students access their personal SWOT analysis created in Stage 1 Lesson 1 Activity 1. Tell them that if the name of their misfit is not listed under their Strengths portion of that SWOT analysis, it is time for them to add it there. This is a very important point to be made as it helps students see their inner misfit as a strength and a valuable part of who they are.
  2. Play Steve Job’s monologue titled The Crazy Ones.”
  3. Write the Find Your Grind Motto on the board: “The Future Belongs to the Misfits” – have a brief discussion with students about what this motto means in general, and what it means to them personally.  The goal is to help students be okay with their “inner misfit” and know that FYG is a champion for each and every one of them! Be courageous and be confident!

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