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Money Matters 40 min

  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Printed Financial Terminology (Teacher Choice), Printed Categories

To get students thinking about their own money management, use the following activity and prompts to help them realize what they know or don’t know when it comes to money. You can have students do this individually, pairs (recommended), or in small groups.

Hand students slips of paper or notecards with financial terminology printed on them. Have the students organize the terms into categories. 

Tell the students only the number of categories for the first two minutes of this activity. 

In the second minute, have them stop and try as a whole group to decide what the categories may be. After some productive struggle, give them the categories: investing, budgeting, saving, checking, insurance, credit and debit, borrowing, and lending.

After 1-2 more minute(s), have the students stop. As a whole group, go over which terminology goes into the correct category. Discuss terms that fall into multiple categories and why that is. 

Have students answer the following prompts individually:

What do you want to learn about money and finances?

What things about money/finances are most confusing to you?

What do you think of first when thinking about money? What emotions? Fears? Questions? Frustrations?

When you get that paycheck, what is the first thing you normally do?

Read to Students:

“What you will want in your financial future and what you need to feel financially secure depends on your values.” (Refer and review values activities from Unit 1.)


What does this quote mean to you? How does it apply to your lifestyle and values?

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