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My Roadmap 50 min

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As we move through life, it is important to reflect on how each of our experiences has helped shaped who we are through the knowledge we gain, the skills we adopt, and the lessons we learn. This activity will demonstrate this concept by having students reflect upon experiences they have had throughout their life and what they are able to take from these experiences that will impact them as they move forward.

To begin this activity, ask your students to reflect on some memorable moments in their lives. Your students may have a tough time defining what their memorable moments are. To help get them thinking, use the following prompts:

What was your first job? Where was it? What did you do there?
Have you ever traveled anywhere? Where did you go?
Have you ever broken any bones or had any other injuries?
Have you ever played in any sports?
Have you ever won any awards?

Then ask your students to document these experiences in a timeline format by assigning the My Roadmap activity. Their experiences and moments help construct the roadmap of their lives.  As they write these moments down, instruct them to take it a step further and determine how these experiences might have impacted their lives today. For example, their first job at McDonalds working the front counter might have taught them the importance of communication and being personable with others as the face of a company. Or perhaps they broke their ankle and couldn’t play football, so they spent the summer learning to play the guitar and now they’ve joined a band. Sometimes our experiences, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can have an impact on the direction we take in life.

Students will then take the information from the My Roadmap activity and construct a physical representation to submit to you. Encourage your students to get creative in the design and presentation of their roadmap. They can create a slideshow, poster board, etc. Their roadmap should not only reflect their experiences, but their personality as well.

Note: To help your students complete this activity, have students reference the mentor profiles on Find Your Grind for examples of what a timeline can look like. 

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