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#Networking 1 hour

  • Level 1

Purpose of Instruction:

  • To define professional networks and list the benefits of belonging to one.
  • To create a step by step guide to building online networks.
  • To provide tips for creating a network through face-to-face interactions.

To begin, have a discussion with students about what they learned in Stage 4 on networking as a professional and networking strictly from a social perspective.  What is the difference? Should there be a difference? 

Have students watch the Networking video.

Complete the following preparation work prior to the lesson/class session:

  1. Decide on locations to post QR codes.
  2. Determine “clues” to each QR code destination (this does not have to be related to the lesson at hand, but to something familiar to students). For example, if the QR code is posted in the front lobby of the school building, the “clue” could be something similar to “Your next code is located where visitors enter.”
  3. Print one copy of the note-taking guide for each student in the class.
  4. Think through the logistics of the activity and notify key building personnel that your class will be on a building-wide scavenger hunt.
  5. Decide if you want students to complete the scavenger hunt/note-taking guide individually or in groups.

At the beginning of the class period, inform students that they will be taking notes for the entire class period. Then, tell them that their notes will be completed through participating in a scavenger hunt.

If students have iPhones with iOS 11, they can just point the default Camera app at a QR code and tap the “open in Safari” prompt that shows up. If they’re using Android phones (or older iPhones), they’ll need to download a free QR reader app from the App Store or Play Store.

If students are completing the scavenger hunt individually, have each student set up their phone for reading QR codes. If students are completing the scavenger hunt as small groups, have one student from each group set up their phone for reading QR codes.

Distribute the note-taking guide to each student. Regardless of the scavenger hunt being done individually or in groups, each student will need to complete their own note-taking guide throughout the activity.

Tell students that there are QR codes located in strategic places around the school building and to find each QR code, they will need to follow “clues”. Each QR code will assist them in completing their note-taking guide.

Students must come back to you for their next clue. This allows you to pace each student/group so there are no bottle-necking issues during the scavenger hunt. (It is also recommended that you stagger the start times for each student/group and not allow everyone to start simultaneously). This also allows you to ensure that students are completing the note-taking guide in the correct order.

After all students/groups have completed the scavenger hunt and have the entire note-taking guide (attached) filled in, review the information presented with the whole class. The key for the note guide is also attached.

Stage 4 - Lesson 4 - Activity 2: Networking

Play Video - 0:21

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