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Next Level You 45 min

Students will assess their current level in pursuit of Self-Actualization.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, humans are motivated to achieve the next level of needs only after they have achieved meeting their current level of needs. Assign the Take It to the Next Level activity to your students. This activity is chunked into five steps.

  1. Students will label the rungs of Maslow’s Hierarchy triangle.
  2. Students will create a list of UP TO ten things this world owes them and UP TO ten things they owe the world.
  3. Students will write one paragraph for each level of their needs which have been met to include a thorough description and explanation of how their needs at that level have been fulfilled.
  4. Students will complete their essay discussing the level they are currently at and where they are in the process of achieving all their needs in that level.

Take it to the next level

Interactive Preview

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