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Personal Inventory and Lifestyle 6 hours 20 min

  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Electronic Device(s) to Access Articles or Printed Materials

Have students take the Lifestyle Assessment again. Have them copy down their top 5 lifestyles and note any changes in their thinking since the last time they took the assessment. Compare the 5 lifestyles to previous results. 

Personal Inventory and Lifestyle 3A

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Have students answer the reflective prompts provided:

  1. How did your thoughts about the questions change from the last time you took the assessment? Why have your thoughts changed? Do you think learning about managing your finances affected your results? Why or why not? 
  2. Write down the 5 results from the previous assessment and the new results side by side – draw your conclusions, and write a thorough reflection analyzing why the results may or may not have changed and any next steps you think you should take in reaching your lifestyle goals. 

    Personal Inventory and Lifestyle

    Interactive Preview
  3. Read the following article: I Just Discovered Warren Buffet’s 25/5 Rule and It’s Completely Brilliant. Reflecting on your Lifestyle Assessment, any changes you’ve had, and conclusions you’ve noted, answer the following questions: 
    1. Do you think that Warren Buffet’s 25/5 Rule could help you reach your desired lifestyle? Why or why not?
    2. In general, do you think remaining focused on goals 1 through 5 could work? How will you keep from focusing on the other goals? 
    3. Create a list of 25 goals to reach your dream lifestyle. Then answer the questions that are posed in the article for each goal: “Will this task help me reach my goal for the day? Will this project help me reach my top goals for the year? Will this strategy help me reach my ultimate career [lifestyle] goals? Or, does it fall under the second category: interesting, but a distraction?” 

Closure (This activity could be up to 4.5 hours long depending on the depth you want to take your students in organizing their Financial Plan Portfolio.) Say:

Living a balanced life, financially, and having the skills necessary to navigate through life’s financial challenges is essential wherever you are and wherever you are going! 

  1. Watch FYG Mentor – Rob Dyrdek’s video. This video wraps everything up on economics, finance, and chasing that dream! 
  2. Write a final financial reflection discussing your plans for your future. Don’t forget to reflect back and include the work you’ve done over the whole Find Your Grind course.
  3. Collect all your artifacts, documents, and reflections into an organized personalized Financial Plan. Add a table of contents to your financial plan, so you can reflect back onto this plan as you continue to build and take steps toward your lifestyle. (Note: Include a rubric or organized checklist for students to make sure students include all Find Your Grind and any additional artifacts you would like to them to include in their Financial Plan.) 

Rob Dyrdek - Long

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