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Resume Required 50 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

In this activity, your students will learn the basics of resume building by examining the components of a resume and how they can inject their own personality into their resume. They will begin to build a professional resume by first identifying individuals in their lives that could serve as references for them.

Introduce this lesson by playing the following video clips from the TV show Friends. The first clip is about a misprint on Rachel’s resume and the second clip demonstrates Joey falsifying information on his resume.

Following the clips, ask your class the following questions:

What did these characters do wrong? How can these mistakes be avoided?

How could their mistakes negatively impact their chances of getting a job?

From here, get your students brainstorming about what kind of content they should include in their resume using the following prompts: 

If you were going to hire someone, what are examples of information you would want to know about them?

What are some ways you could make your resume stand out?

Follow up this discussion by playing the Resume Tips video that explains to your students how a resume works, the type of content they should include, and the process behind resume building. Emphasize that it is a document that they should continue to update as they grow and gain experiences. The resume that they will build now could look completely different in the future! 

Reiterate to your students that there are many components to a resume, but for now they should focus on creating their reference list (references and contacts they can depend on in the future). This list will be compiled of adults that they can provide as a reference for future employers to vouch for how amazing they are! 

Tell them the following guidelines for reference selection: 

  • Do not include family members
  • Ask their permission prior to listing them as a network reference
  • When possible, tie the individuals listed as your references to the job/profession for which you are applying (this will be easier as you get older)
  • Include as many of your supervisors (bosses, teachers, coaches, etc) as possible

Assign the References Requested activity

Stage 4 - Lesson 3 - Activity 2: Resume Tips

Play Video - 0:24

References Requested

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