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Stress...The Silent Killer 55 min

Students research and present components of a lesson covering all aspects of stress and stress management.

Purpose of Instruction:

  • To understand the causes of stress.
  • To identify the health risks associated with stress.
  • To categorize coping mechanisms for stress.


  1. In order to frame student perspective, ask the class how they deal with “stress”…most likely, most students will project the reason they are stressed on others (teacher, coach, friends, parents, etc) and a few will actually be able to talk about how they “deal” with it.  The point of the discussion is to get students to realize that most of them allow themselves to be a victim of stress rather than working to diminish the impact of it. 
  2. After class discussion is complete, have students visit the website. It is recommended that you project the website from a computer or hand out printed copies if no computer is accessible. Read the article related to stress and click on the links provided in the article. Decide which ancillary links you wish to include in the topics of the lesson.
  3. Divide the content over stress from the website into the same number as the amount of pairs of students you will have in the class.

Presentation of Material:

  1. Lead a class brainstorming session that identifies sources of stress for your students in their current lives. Write all answers on the board. Ask leading questions that help create an exhaustive list related to the students’ lives and age ranges in your class.
  2. Follow the class brainstorming section with the following comment:

“Failure is not the only thing that can impede our journey toward self-actualization. Stress can be a huge roadblock that many people struggle to overcome. Stress can actually be a huge contributor to some of our failures. Sometimes stress comes from work or school and affects our personal lives. Other times, stress stems from our personal lives and affects our productivity at work. Today, we are going to learn more about what is called the ‘silent killer’ – stress.”

  1. Assign a specific section of the stress article/ancillary links to each pair of students.
  2. Give each pair of students a poster board or some type of bulletin board paper for them to write on and display.
  3. Each pair will summarize their section and write it on their poster board. They need to be sure to label the poster with a title summarizing what their section was about.
  4. Make sure to include at a minimum all the content on the site related to causes, effects, coping, and support systems.
  5. Once all groups have displayed their summary posters, have each present their summaries to the class in a logical order.
  6. Lead a class discussion on the importance of work/life balance. Share with them times you have struggled to create that balance in your life.

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