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Take My Advice 45 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

In this activity, your students are going to connect their career search with mentors in an effort to discover alternative ways these individuals were able to learn the knowledge and skills that were helpful to them in their life and career. Specifically, we will once again be looking at the mentor’s profile for their videos, advice columns, as well as their skills and timeline. The goal is to have students determine if they can leverage that advice and start exploring alternative education methods (such as blogs, podcasts, etc.) that will help them progress towards their future. Through this, students will gain confidence in their ability to take small steps towards their personal growth and career. 

Assign the Take My Advice activity. Students will go through the profiles of mentors on the FYG website or app that coincide with their career aspirations. They will select five people with complete profiles who either have the same careers that they have been researching from Stage 4 Lesson 2 Activity 1, or something in a similar industry.  From here, your students will jot down the advice that the mentor provides, as well as anything that stands out to them in the mentor’s timeline. Remind your students that they should also be focusing on finding the different resources they can use to obtain the knowledge and skills that will be helpful to them in that industry, whether it be a podcast, video series, etc. Students will be asked to pick one of the non-traditional educational options they came across and write a brief description about what it is and how they can extract value from this resource. 

Based on their findings, encourage students to look for opportunities they can take advantage of for the career paths they have chosen.  Most students think that school is the only option for learning the skills they need for their future; however, there are so many more options.  With unlimited access to resources and content, enforce in your students that they can be educating themselves for their future careers TODAY. They can attend the “University of Google” right now! To reinforce this concept for your students, play the following Online Resources video.

Stage 4 - Lesson 1 - Activity 4: Online Resources

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