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The Dreaded Job Interview 1 hour 30 min

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  • Level 2

Additional Materials: FlipGrid

This activity functions to prepare your students for the scariest part of applying for a job: the interview. Through this activity your students will be provided with tips to help them prepare for the interview ranging from what to wear to how to answer the tough questions.  

Introduce the topic of a job interview by playing a clip of Penny’s job interview from The Big Bang Theory. This clip provides an example of how an interview can easily get off track, highlighting why it is important to properly prepare for a job interview. 

Explain to your students that although the interview process can be intimidating, it is an important step when applying for any position. An interview not only allows an employer to develop an impression of them, but it also gives them an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the position they are applying for, as well as the company that position is with. In addition, an interview gives them an opportunity to add more of their personality into the application process beyond what they have included on their resume and cover letter.

Note: Ask students what the easiest part of the interview should be. Indicate that the first question – “Tell us about yourself” – is the question to get them comfortable and their self- knowledge from this course should help them knock it out of the park! HOWEVER, this is the question young adults often struggle with the most because they find it hard to talk about themselves, their strengths, their background and it shows during an interview.  Everything students have been doing up to now are all pieces that students can use to answer that very important question!

Now that you have covered the basics of preparing for an interview with your students, it’s time to move on to the hardest part: the questions. In your Teacher Aid you will find a list of common questions brought up in a job interview, along with guidelines to help your students figure out how to respond to each question.

Teacher Aid


Once you have gone through these questions as a class, assign the Mock Interview Activity. For this activity, your students will get into groups of two and conduct a mock job interview using the questions you discussed. 

In Class Presentation Option:

Provide students with the Mock Interview activity which will outline the expectations of their interview such as outfit and presentation, as well as the questions they need to answer. Each group will take turns being the interviewer and the interviewee, answering each question the same way as they would in an actual interview. The interview should be conducted as if they were interviewing for the job they wrote their cover letter for. This will help inform their tone and demeanor. Following the interview, the student who was conducting the interview will provide feedback on areas they think the other student needs to work on. This feedback should be documented within the activity and submitted to you for review.

Now students will construct a ‘Thank You’ letter that they would send as a followup to their interview. Explain to them that this letter should use the same formatting guidelines as their cover letter as far as font, margins, and line spacing. In this letter, they should reiterate why they are good fit and remind the interviewer of their contact information. This letter will be submitted to you for feedback. 

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