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The Future Belongs to the Misfits! 50 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Name tags

Prior to this activity, create a list of 5-10 work assignment scenarios that a group would have to complete. For example, “your group is tasked with creating a community charity event for victims of a recent natural disaster” or “your group has been selected to create a public relations campaign for your school”, etc. This will connect to a small group task that takes place after the “misfit” discussion.

Part One
Write the word “MISFIT” on the board. Lead a class brainstorming lesson on the meaning of the word. Write down student answers around the word on the board. At the conclusion of the brainstorming session, explain that usually people look at the term MISFIT with a negative connotation, but the term isn’t negative at all. It actually refers to a person that stands out from the crowd in some way. They literally don’t “fit” the mold. Drive home the point that we all stand out from the crowd in some way or another – it is what makes us unique. Therefore, we all have a little bit of misfit inside of us.

Say the following to the class:

“The misfit inside of us is the part of our personalities and/or skill sets that we can and will bring to the table that no one else in our group can or would. We all have that thing, that misfit part of us. Otherwise, we would serve no purpose to the world around us. Many of us spend our whole lives trying to be and look and feel normal, when the reality is we are meant to stand out in some way. Our power lies in what makes us different. Our power lies in our inner misfit.”

Distribute the name tags to each student. Ask the students to think about what their inner misfit is and write it down on the name tag. Lead by example and share your own misfit name tag with the group.

Part Two – Group Discussion
Next, group the students into groups of no more than five per group. Provide each group with their own “work assignment” scenario and have them discuss how their inner misfit could add value to the group and help the group achieve their work assignment task. Have each group share out their discussion with the whole class while you continue to drive the point that our misfit gives us value.

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