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The Pursuit of Interests 50 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

In this activity, students will begin to explore careers in industries that they have selected based on their interests. Sometimes students fall into the trap that they can’t do what they love because they aren’t professionals at it, so they focus their attention on something completely different. However, just because you aren’t a professional football player, singer or gamer, doesn’t mean you can’t find a job within that field or industry. This activity provides students with a place to start as they begin their exploration of different careers and industries.

To introduce today’s activity, play this short Seinfeld clip as well as the Find a Job You Love video

After watching the video, reiterate this idea and assign the Five Careers activity. Students will create three webs, with the focal point in each one being an interest they may have, from here they will have to identify five careers that relate to this interest as explained by Mike in the video. Encourage students to do research to find all the options out there – they are truly unlimited.

The following is an example:

If someone is interested in gaming but would never be a professional, paid gamer, here are other options:
Gaming → Animator, Programmer, Concept Artist, Video Game Tester, Market Research Analyst…
the list goes on and on.

Stage 3 - Lesson 2 - Activity 2 Find A Job You Luv

Play Video - 1:15

The Pursuit of Interests

Interactive Preview

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