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Thinking About Your Financial Future 1 hour 30 min

  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Electronic Devices for Kahoot Game, Printed Article or Internet Capability

In order to gauge what students know and don’t know about money, play this Kahoot game (or create a similar Kahoot game) with your students as an introduction to the pitfalls of poor money management.

Introduce the topic by saying:

What happens when you don’t know what you are doing with your money? Maybe you really don’t know how, or maybe it doesn’t matter to you. 

This activity will show students what happens when you don’t know how to manage money and making a lot of money doesn’t mean it will always be there. 

Part One

Have students break in seven groups. Assign each group one of the celebrities’ blurbs from the following article: 7 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Spend Wisely. Create roles (e.g., facilitator, recorder, presenter, timekeeper, etc.) for your students to make sure all students are part of the group discussion. 

Thinking About Your Financial Future

Interactive Preview

Have students analyze the scenario: 

  • Make recommendations to what steps the celebrity could have taken to manage their money properly.
  • List keywords and terminology then define and highlight the significance of each word has to the scenario/storyline.
  • Present to the whole classroom summaries of key takeaways and lessons learned for avoiding these financial flops – have students add this information to their notes.

Follow-up each short presentation with whole group discussion. Ask the rest of the class what they could do differently to successfully manage the celebrity’s financial difficulty. 

Part Two

Follow-up this lesson on a high note using the following FYG Mentor Video: Bear Degidio. Bear talks about what it takes to be successful in doing something you love — topics addressed: passion, perseverance, education (business and finance), sacrifice, personal responsibility, decision-making, and more! 

Bear Degidio - Long

Play Video - 5:03

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