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Understanding Your Network 55 min

  • Level 2

Taking what they learned from the previous activity, Networking 101, students will begin to reflect on their own existing network connections and how they could utilize those connections to create opportunities for others. This concept touches upon the fact that networking functions both ways; sometimes it’s not just what their connections can do for them, but what they can do for their connections.

Have students review these Networking Facts

As a class, discuss some examples of existing network connections your students might have. Examples of these connections could include friends and their family members, members of your family, people from camps, etc. From here, ask your students to break off into groups of five and discuss how their network connection could be used to help create opportunities for themselves or others. For example, Sarah’s aunt is a marketing manager at a local agency that is looking for a summer intern, and Matt is interested in taking that course in college. As students begin to analyze the opportunities that could result from their connections and discuss amongst their groups, they may find ways to gain valuable experience from the connections of their group members. In addition, they may even find they have network connections in common.

Once you feel your students have thoroughly discussed their connections, bring the class back together to reflect on the opportunities discovered within their group. Encourage students to use these existing and new connections to set up one experience this semester or over the summer! Through this exercise, your students have begun to understand their own network and have perhaps even grown it; opening the door to new professional opportunities.

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