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What Happened to My Paycheck? 1 hour 30 min

  • Level 2

Students will receive the attached How Much Am I Getting Paid student packet.

Teacher Aid


The Teacher Aid (with answers filled in and discussion tips) is also attached.

Teacher Aid


Have students read through the information to start the worksheet provided. All the information needed to complete the tasks are inside the worksheet. Students can work through this with a partner or individually. Make sure students understand they are responsible for all of the information (avoid jigsawing sections).

The first section is informational and workable. Teacher can lead as a whole group or have students work individually as teacher leads through packet.

The teacher will start at the beginning of the How Much Am I Getting Paid Teacher Aid and work through the material with the whole group, allowing students to complete the blanks/questions in their versions of the packet.

Where applicable, according to packet instructions, the teacher should pause and allow students to practice/make calculations on their own, and then review the correct answers and how each correct answer was calculated with the group as a whole.

Once the entire packet has been completed, review the information with the students to ensure that no questions or concerns exist regarding the material.

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