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What is a Lifestyle? 1 hour

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Additional Materials: White/Chalkboard, Buzzer/Sound Maker, Prize for Winning Team (Optional)

In this activity students will be introduced to the concept of lifestyles.

Play a quick game of family feud by splitting the class in two. To start the game, have one representative from each team come up to the front of the class. Ask these two students the first question. The first person to hit the buzzer is allowed to answer first, followed by the other student. Whoever has the answer with the highest points wins the chance for their team to go first. From there, allow each team member to take turns answering the questions below. When guessed correctly the team gets another chance to guess; however, if the team guesses incorrectly three times, the other team has a chance to steal. Each correct answer will earn the associated points. If the other team is able to answer correctly, they will steal earned points from the opposing team and will start first for the next question. The winning team is whoever has the most points after the three questions. Feel free to award the winning team with a treat! Use the PDF below for a list of questions.

After Game:

As a class, view a lifestyle video (of your choice) from the FYG website. Click on any lifestyle and this will take you to a page with a synopsis of what that lifestyle entails as well as the video.

Go to FYG Lifestyles.

After watching the video, lead a discussion with your class using the following prompts:

Have you ever considered what lifestyle you want to live?
Do you think it is important to learn about different lifestyles?
Do you think the video accurately represented the lifestyle?
Do you think people can have multiple lifestyles? If so, do some lifestyles fit better than others?
Can you identify the lifestyle of any adults in your life?
What lifestyle would you want to live?

** FYG LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENT: If students have not taken the Lifestyle assessment, encourage them to go home and complete it on the Find Your Grind app or website. The assessment should take approximately ten minutes to complete and will further demonstrate the lifestyle concept, as well as match them to specific lifestyles. From here, students can further explore their matched lifestyles, as well as others.

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