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Where's Your Money 1 hour 30 min

  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Large Chart Paper with Diagrams, Answer Sheets Printed in Color or on Colored Paper, Tape

On the board or a blank wall create two large charts that are color coded and look like the diagrams attached in the Teacher Aid. Consider taking the class outside of the classroom and using an alternative location for this piece of instruction, just to break up the monotony of note-taking.  Regardless, a vast open space for displaying these diagrams and allowing the students to interact with them will be needed.

Where's your money?

Interactive Preview

Teacher Aid

Teacher Aid


Answer Key

Teacher Aid


Inform students once they earn their money, it is important that they have a bank account to help them manage and keep their money safe. There are lots of different types of bank accounts, and this lesson will explore the overall characteristics of each major type.  

Define the following terminology for the class:

Liquidity – how quickly you can get your money out of an account and into your wallet.

Demand Deposit – a category of banking account that allows the customer to make transactions and have access to their money whenever they want.

Time Deposit – a category of banking account that requires the customer to wait for a specified amount of time before they can access their money or an account that limits the number of transactions the customer can have in a specified period of time.

Print, in color, (or if you don’t have access to a color printer, print in black and white and attach to colored paper) the attached Answer Spaces sheets. If you need to change the colors of the above diagrams, make sure you change the color of the matching fonts on the Answer Spaces sheets as well.

With the empty, but color coded charts on display, distribute randomly the color coded Answer Spaces to students in the class.

At your signal, students should find the other two students holding the same color Answer Spaces that they are holding. Together, the newly formed team of three will attach the Answer Spaces to the color coded diagram on display. This will require the team to look at their answers and choose which spaces in the diagram each one fits best.

Once the diagrams have been filled in with answer spaces, each team will take turns presenting the information related to their account type to the rest of the class.

Closure: Once all students have presented their information, have students reflect and decide what they think will be the best bank account for them to choose in life right now. What about later in life? 

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