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Your Brand Matters 50 min

  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Additional Materials: Computer with Internet Access, Projector & Speakers

For this activity, students will need to have completed Activity 2 – Building Your Brand. During this activity, students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their personal brand and see how other people perceive their brand and who they are. With this information, students may encounter perspectives they never considered, which will open them up to the idea that their sense of self is built on how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them.

Have the students get into groups of four and instruct them to do the following:

Write three words to describe your personal brand?
Have the other three people in your group write three words to describe what they think your personal brand is?

Have the students share their responses to the following questions by uploading their video answer to FlipGrid. The following questions are prompts for the student. They can choose to answer some or all of these questions.

Did other people perceive your brand in the same way as you?
How were your perceptions different? Why do you think they were different?
Do these responses affect how you view your personal brand?
What do you think affects your personal brand?

Note: This is an awesome opportunity for you as the teacher to share your own personal brand journey. Using FlipGrid, you can connect with your students by sharing your personal brand, how you formed it, and how it has shaped how you live your life.

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