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Actress Monique Coleman Expresses, Inspires, and Wants You to Do the Same

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Stop reacting and start creating, says the actress and Global Youth Advocate.

While many actors have complicated relationships with social media and public visibility, Monique Coleman sees Twitter and Instagram as tools for expression and to effect change. Best known for the "High School Musical" films, Coleman often works today as a Global Youth Advocate, encouraging young people and helping them see their place in shaping the world's future.

"We can react to the things that come to us, or we can create them," Coleman says. The performer describes her vast social media presence as a way to create, to let people know what she's truly passionate about. She hopes others will do the same and stop waiting around for life to simply happen to them. Hear more from Coleman in the video above. 

-photo by David Beale on Unsplash

Words by Chance Solem-Pfeifer on Oct 20, 2017