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Rony Moore Shares Advice for Breaking Into Art Dealing

Is procuring art your passion? Rony Moore knows a few ways to set yourself apart.

"It's important to see how many hours other people are applying to what they're doing, and just try to do a few hours more." 

Sometimes finding success is just an effort and numbers game. New York City art dealer Rony Moore has learned as much about breaking out from the rest of the pack. The art world is highly competitive to begin with, and New York City's art scene is as big as it gets. Even on his most successful days of dealing art, Moore's job is incredibly fast-paced and asks everything of him. That's especially true when it comes to, say, coordinating the logistics of getting a one-ton sculpture from an artist in Italy to a client in California. 

But because he loves art and is willing to put in hard work, Moore has achieved some impressive results. Hear more in the video above. 

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