On the Grind // September 25, 2017

FYG Scholarship Winner is "Stronger By Circumstance"

Hannah Atherton overcomes unimaginable hardship with grace.

This amazing young lady has overcome incredible hardship; losing her parents at an early age was just the beginning. However, she managed to be an Honor Roll student, President of her class, involved in both yearbook committee and cheerleading. Outside of school, she works two part-time jobs. 

From Hannah: I will be using my Find Your Grind Scholarship to help with my college and future plans. I am very appreciative of these funds and will be using it for college expenses over the next few years. This way, as I continue to work, the money I make can be put aside in a savings account for my future and business endeavors.

Tori Boyle (Educator)

As a teacher, I am investing the Find Your Grind Scholarship back into my school Bureau Valley, our students, and “staffulty.” We work throughout the school year to make it feel like a family within our school by recognizing students with student of the month, leadership opportunities, field trips, Renaissance shirts, cards, birthday cake, winter wishes, and much more. We also work to recognize the staffulty with Renaissance shirts, staff of the month, gifts, birthday ambush, Staffulty Appreciation Week, and more. 

We ask all students and staff to write a winter wish for themselves or someone else and we grant as many as possible. Many of the wishes were small like candy or flowers and some were larger, like clothing and calculators. Big or small, these brought so much joy and showed members of our community that someone cared about them. We will then use any money left to help send students to the 2018 Jostens Renaissance National Conference!