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Jacq and Scot Tatelman Have Built Philanthropy Into Their Business

The Brooklyn-based brand STATE Bags donates a bag to underserved kids for every one they sell.

The Brooklyn-based bag brand STATE Bags likes to say they're a for-profit company with nonprofit pedigree. Indeed, a sense of philanthropy is threaded into the fabric of what Jacq and Scot Tatelman's business is all about. The New York social entrepreneurs founded their company in part as a response to seeing neighborhood kids toting around belongings in plastic garbage bags. Now, STATE operates as a one-for-one company, donating a bag to a child in need every time they sell one. 

But like any company, STATE is operating in a rapidly evolving business world that's dependent on social media for marketing and branding purposes. The Tatelmans try to navigate that online space with open minds: "[Be] nimble and [have] your eyes open while also staying true to who you are." 

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