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Jessi Combs Is The World's Fastest Woman On Four Wheels

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While she may hold a land speed record all her own, Combs aspires to make the auto-welding industry more accessible to women.

Jessi Combs is a multi-hyphenate when it comes to cars and motorcycles. She's had great success racing them — she holds the land speed record for women — but also builds these vehicles and has shared her expertise with TV audiences for the past 15 years on Xtreme 4x4 and other shows.

In a male-dominated industry, Combs says she’s aiming to “make the welding career for women easier and safer” with her teaching. As for her day-to-day, each and every part of Combs' job requires baby steps. She advises builders never to rush into things without thinking through the process. Hear more from Combs in the video above.

Words by Emily Malool on Nov 14, 2017