On the Grind • Scholarship Winners // October 4, 2017

Scholarship Winner Destiny Sakolevidis Travels the World Opening Hearts and Minds to Adoption

Texas student and teacher use open adoption experience to inform others.

Destiny Sakolevidis is "finding her grind" through unabashed service to others. Adopted from birth into the most extraordinarily loving, faithful, and giving family, Destiny uses her story of grace and redemption through open adoption as a platform to encourage and inform others about the joys of open hearts and open homes. As an adoptive parent herself, her teacher Leah Voth says Destiny's story resonates deeply with her; and is especially proud of Destiny's willingness to stand up and share her experiences openly and without restraint. "Destiny is a beacon of light in a dark world, a leader among her peers, and is truly one of the most selfless individuals I have ever had the honor of knowing. Her grind is goodness, grace, and giving." 

Knowing first hand as her CTE teacher, Leah says Destiny truly embodies the concept of "Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken." She has traveled the world in service to others, from Washington, DC to the Rio Grande Valley, and will make a second journey to Haiti this October, where she will be interacting with and mentoring little children and helping to render health services where needed. "Everything Destiny does is selfless. She pours her heart, soul, and passion into bettering the lives of others and is driven by her faith and heart for the broken and underrepresented of the world. She has fed, supplied, and walked alongside the homeless and shared love and compassion in intangible ways," writes Leah.

In the spirit of celebrating others, the Find Your Grind Foundation awarded a matching scholarship for Leah Voth's classroom, as well.