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Dom DeLuca Grinds to Represent and Remember the Roots of Skateboarding

“Brooklyn Dom” found his passion as the owner of the Brooklyn Projects Skateboard Shop.

Dom DeLuca, aka “Brooklyn Dom,” is the proud owner of Brooklyn Projects Skateboard Shop in Los Angeles. He interacts with local youth on a daily basis in his shop, and DeLuca stresses the importance of staying in school above all other advice he has for that age group. Finding his passion as a small business owner and informal educator has kept him going through any and all struggles: “I do it, honestly, for the passion. I’ve never taken a paycheck from Brooklyn Projects in the last 25 years.”

But "stay in school" is broad advice. As for a day-to-day mantra, DeLuca has something simpler: Don't be discouraged. If you keep after it, everything will pay off eventually. 

-photo by Kirk Morales on Unsplash

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