Texas Student Helps Rescue Teammate as Hurricane's Waters Rise

Arman Yazdian and Pierce Tran focus on school, sports, and family in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Despite needing to financially support his single mother with cancer, Arman Yazdian has defeated all odds. As the man of the house, Arman works three jobs outside of his busy school schedule... but was still nominated by ten of his peers for this scholarship.  He is not only an outstanding leader, but also the Valedictorian of his class. He aspires to become an anesthesiologist after attending Rice University.

Arman wanted Find Your Grind to know about his friend, Pierce Tran. Both members of the Varsity tennis team, Arman notices that not a single day passes by where Pierce does not wake up early to go practice tennis and stay after school to work on his game. He has improved from the JV squad to being a star on the Varsity team. But most importantly, he sacrifices so much of his time for his single mother who works over three jobs to support the family.

Hurricane Harvey has been the most difficult time Pierce has experienced throughout his life. Pierce called Arman the night the hurricane hit to tell him that the water was rising in his house with no way of his family getting out. Arman helped Pierce reach an emergency evacuation hotline and they were able to rescue him and his neighbors, but they had to live in a shelter for more than a week. Despite losing all of his material possessions, Pierce stays motivated and positive by focusing on tennis and school.

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Natasha Barritt

Natasha serves as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Find Your Grind Foundation in Los Angeles. In this capacity, she has created several programs, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities to improve the lives of youth through the arts.

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