On the Grind • Scholarship Winners // November 3, 2017

Young Fashion Designer Finds Beauty and Inspiration in the Making

Still in high school, Grace Blessington's art and passion have taken her on a special journey.

Grace's passion and creativity is inspiring to everyone around her. She has "found her grind" in fashion design, and saved up money to put herself through art school over the summer at San Francisco Art Institute. She already has several collections of clothes out, and has set up innovative photoshoots on her own. Her infectious spirit for her work makes it easy for many of her classmates to lend a hand and help her shoots come together. 

She currently balances high school and classes at Mary Mount University, along with her job, and role as Student Union President. On top of her determination, she's incredibly talented and has been blessed with the gift of being amazing at something she loves. Also passionate about woodworking, installations, film, and fashion design, she is one to watch. Congratulations Grace!