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Todd Feltman Is a Natural Problem-Solver

The government contractor's job is all about analyzing a problem, building a solution and getting results.

Some people are right-brained; they're drawn to art, music, literature and other creative endeavors. Some people, like Todd Feltman, are extremely left-brained. They are also creative, but in ways that help them solve practical and logical problems. 

In Feltman's role as government contractor, he does everything he can to keep narcotics and weapons from passing through America's borders. To do what he does, you need a degree of some kind, and Feltman's is in business. He never thought his diploma would help him in his quest to keep the nation secure, but he says it's actually all business. "We're assembling teams, putting together projects and the requirements of development, hiring the right people, and ultimately producing a product." 

The actual skills needed are similar to those of any project manager's role: You are confronted with a problem, and through teamwork, research, deduction, and trials, your job is to find just the right solution for it. Hear more from Feltman in the video above. 

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