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Ten Hours Go By In A Flash On Edwin Marron's Patrols

The LAPD officer spends each day in a different pocket of the city, serving where needed.

Police officers' jobs can take them all kinds of places — from intake desks to labs to crime scenes to patrol cars. Serving in the LAPD's Metropolitan Unit, Edwin Marron acts as something of a free safety. On a given day, Marron and his extroverted "go go go" attitude might find him chasing a crime pattern in The Valley or keeping residents safe in South Central. His job changes with each day, and it requires a familiarity with every corner of Los Angeles.

As for advising youth who might one day seek a career in law enforcement, Marron has some clear, self-evident advice. If you want to have a job upholding the law, make sure your resumé and criminal record reflect that. "Keep your nose clean," Marron says. Hear more in the video above. 

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