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You measure your sense of integrity on your ability to make other people’s lives better.

You’d sacrifice your well-being to help a stranger in need.

You have a natural-born talent or skill.


Your talent or skill is mostly physical instead of intellectual or artistic.

You are willing to risk failure to go after what you really want.


You take chances in new or unfamiliar situations.

Your personal space is always neat and tidy.

Your main focus is on other people not yourself. You always try to new find ways to be helpful to them.

What brands are most appealing to you?

Not a fan of the spotlight, you’re often the worker behind the scenes in group projects.


You sweat the small things. The fine details in a complex project.

You can only watch one of these shows for the rest of your life. What are you watching?

You naturally take charge of a group or situation.


You want to be the one calling the shots.

You would drop everything right now for a good experience or adventure.

You stay up to date on tech news & innovation.

You have a self-confidence that allows you to be independent and trust in your own abilities without the help of others.

When a problem arises, you instantly start figuring out how to solve it.

Others would say you’ve got good communication skills.


You’re a ‘people person’ who feels most empowered when being useful to others.

You’re happy in the spotlight; having the attention of others focused on you or something you’ve done.

What work threads could you see yourself working in?

You like being out in public and feel happiest being around other people


You tend to be the center of attention in a group setting.

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