Do people love to watch your stories? Are you naturally an Entertainer? Find out if you’re fit to be a vlogger!

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If you were to have a co-host for one of your vlogs, who would it be?

Bretman Rock
Charlamagne the God
Ariana Grande
Jackie Aina

If someone gave you $100, how would you use it?

Buy clothes for a future shoot
Buy a video game to review
Save it to buy a better camera
Spend half, save half

Are you open to receiving feedback from your subscribers?

No thanks!
Yes, let's hear it!

How would you go about building your YouTube audience?

Engage with your audience
Upload videos on a consistent basis
Share your videos on your social media platforms
All of the above
Upload my videos and let it speak for itself

What do you find most enticing about vlogging?

Being able to get famous
Being in front of the camera
Being able to share my interests with people
Being able to tell my story

How many times a month would you be willing to upload content?

1 - 3 times per month
3 - 5 times per month
5 - 7 times per month
The limit does not exist

Are you comfortable being in front of the camera?

Yes, the camera loves me.
Sometimes, I have my moments.
No, I’d rather work behind the scenes.

What type of content do you subscribe to on YouTube?

Celebrity Gossip
Beauty Tutorial
Music Videos
Ted Talks
Travel and Nature
Viral Dances

When it comes to creating content, which of these tools are you most drawn to using? Choose all that apply.

Vlogging platform
Illustrating software
Microphone and audio editing software

If you were to have your own YouTube channel, what would it be about?

Comedy skits
Cooking tutorial
Hair/makeup tutorials
Music videos
News segments
Product reviews

Which of these YouTube stars do you relate to the most?

David Dobrik
King Bach
Jake Paul
Jeffree Star
Lilly Singh

Do you enjoy sharing parts of your personal life to your online followers?

Not really

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