3D Modeler

Analyzer, Innovator & Maker

Potential salary $113,000

3D Modeler

In the growing world of CGI and visual effects, 3D modelers try to approximate a certain realism by bringing what’s on the screen back off of it. They use computer programs to create three-dimensional models for use in films, television or video games. These could include renderings of performers’ faces, fake animals, or any number of visual objects required for the context. 3D modelers also find their skills useful in the medical field, where exact models, dummies and renderings of various body parts can be useful for study. This may seem like a niche field, but it’s closely related, programming-wise, to a number of graphics and animation disciplines.

3D modelers are analyzers, innovators, and makers that take in information and bring it to life, so they must be naturally creative, detail-oriented, and analytical. They must also be good communicators, knowledgeable, and team-players with artistic talent and computer skills. Their main responsibilities include designing and developing concept designs, developing others’ concept art, and presenting prototypes based on their team’s feedback. They also present potential project ideas, collect data and photographs to base models off of, and follow 3D design trends and developments.

It is recommended that 3D designers have an associate or bachelor’s degree in 3D design. Job growth for 3D modelers is projected around 8% for the decade ending in 2028.

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