Advertising Sales Agent

Competitor & Entrepreneur

Potential salary $71,000

Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales agents sell airtime, publication space, or online sponsorship opportunities to companies looking to advertise their products or services. Because of the multimedia nature of the job, ad sales agents need to understand how advertising works in broadcast, print or online and what makes for appealing or valuable ad space in each medium. This job revolves around client relationships and staying in touch with the constantly shifting landscape of advertising, media and the integration of the two. Advertising sales agents are competitors and entrepreneurs who come up with new and creative ways to convince companies to advertise with them. They must be excellent communicators, persuasive, and creative. They must also be organized and able to multitask. Their main responsibilities include finding and contacting new clients to advertise with their firm, help develop advertising and marketing campaigns, and estimate costs. They also prepare and present pitches to new and potential clients, fill out all necessary paperwork, and deliver advertising and illustration drafts to clients. Advertising sales agents are often required to have completed a high school diploma or equivalent, although higher positions sometimes require a bachelor’s degree. Positions for advertising sales agents are expected to decline 2% between 2018 and 2028.

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