Aerospace Engineer

Analyzer, Innovator & Maker

Potential salary $166,620

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are quite literally rocket scientists that design, construct, and test aircrafts, missiles, and spacecrafts on a daily basis. They are analyzers, innovators and makers who meticulously review and interpret data and translate it into some of the most complex aircrafts and missiles imaginable.

An aerospace engineer’s responsibilities include using scientific and engineering principles to repair, improve, and design parts; creating safety regulations; and researching information for design and development. They also test aircraft and missiles, assess project proposals, and inspect and ensure products meet quality standards.

Aerospace engineers need to be analytical, critical-thinkers, and detail-oriented. They must also be excellent written and verbal communicators, proficient with computers, and skilled in math and science. They usually need a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, and in some cases an additional certification is required. Job growth for aerospace engineers is projected at 3% for the decade ending in 2029.

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