Agricultural Scientist

Humanitarian, Analyzer & Innovator

Potential salary $118,830

Agricultural Scientist

Agricultural scientists study land, plants, animals, and the many products that we develop from them. They can work in a variety of specializations, from soil to animals to food. They test and survey the workflow processes of suppliers to ensure everything is made healthily and up to regulation.

They are humanitarians, analyzers and innovators that are always looking for the most sustainable way to balance consumer demand with the production of resources. They are also interested in the possibilities of a more environmentally-conscious future and often perform experiments to develop food alternatives that can slow overfarming. 

Becoming an agricultural scientist usually requires a minimum bachelor’s degree in agricultural science or a related field, but companies sometimes even look for candidates with a master’s or Ph.D. There are also certification programs that vary by state. Jobs for this role are expected to grow 7% by 2028.

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