Animal Photographer

Explorer & Creator

Potential salary $63,000

Animal Photographer

This job is all about capturing the beauty of nature’s friendliest beasts. If you are interested in taking pictures of pets, you can make a self-employed living selling your own services and photos. These¬†explorers and creators can also double as wildlife photographers who seek out animals in their natural habitats.

Animal photographers must have an eye for composition, interpersonal skills for working with clients, and be able to use specialized photography equipment and computer photo software. Some animal photographers, especially those involved in wildlife photography, work in the field and travel across the globe in pursuit of their animal subjects. Others, especially pet photographers, maintain a studio location or take photos in a single city or region. 

A degree isn’t required to become an animal photographer, but many successful photographers have attained a bachelor’s degree in photography or photojournalism. An artistic eye, experience, and technical knowledge are the most important things for aspiring photographers, whether through taking formal classes or an apprenticeship. Employment in the general photography field is projected to decline 6% through 2026, but animal photography will continue to be an accessible career option for freelancers.

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