Aquaponic Farmer

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Aquaponic farmers create unique farming ecosystems, usually indoors, that make our food production processes more environmentally sustainable. The systems they build involve breeding and caring for fish, whose waste fertilizes crops that can be harvested. The crops that are being fertilized also filtrate the same water used to farm the fish. In this sense, food production can meet consumer demand at a more financially efficient rate, while being less reliant on land or seasonal limitations.

Aquaponic farmers are knowledgeable and skilled in both the practice of agriculture and the business of it. They are innovators, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs that are driven to reduce the overuse and waste of natural and animal resources. Becoming an aquaponic farmer requires a love for working with plants and animals and a patient demeanor. Most of the capital spent on this role is time itself. Candidates should be eager to learn and eager to work hands-on or stand for long periods of time.

Most companies prefer candidates with a minimum high school diploma or GED, but some will also look for a bachelor’s degree education in agriculture, engineering, or a similar field. Jobs for this role will grow at relatively the same rate (-1%) until 2028.

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