Art Director

Leader, Creator & Innovator

Potential salary $172,000

Art Director

Art directors work closely with a team to create advertisements that will appeal to a company’s audience. They are heavily involved in creative production by delegating hiring photographers, illustrators, actors and anyone else that will help them produce an advertising product. They create concepts and pitch ideas to the company, consider feedback and make adjustments if necessary. Art directors are creators and leaders that work with a team to find innovative ways to share art with others. Art directors must be creative, decisive, and problem-solvers. They must also be strong communicators, effective leaders, and have good time-management skills. Art directors typically work in one of three industries: advertising, publishing, or movie production. Some common responsibilities between the three industries include developing project strategies, determining how to best capture a concept, and deciding what photographs or artwork will be included. They also conduct research on brands and markets, establish budgets and timelines for projects, and present designs for client approval. Furthermore, art directors also provide feedback or advice on team’s art, as well as hiring and training new design staff. Art directors are required to have a bachelor’s degree in art or marketing, and in most cases they will also have a master’s degree in a related field. Job growth is projected at 1% for art directors between 2018 and 2028.

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