Art Teacher

Creator & Educator

Potential salary $63,000

Art Teacher

A staple of elective classes in public and private schools across the country, art teachers work at many levels of education. Passionate about the arts, they are able to pass down their talents to class after class – from eight-year-olds painting up a storm to high schoolers starting out in photography. These creators and educators inspire students with their own natural ability to create and express themselves through different artistic mediums.

Art teachers’ main responsibilities are supervising and assisting students, grading artwork, encouraging creativity, and teaching techniques in a variety of artistic mediums. They must be knowledgable in art history and different art genres in order to teach a range of styles, have excellent communication skills, and have the patience and passion to cultivate creativity in their students.

Professional artists may be able to substitute experience in the field for a degree, but most art teachers who work with kindergarten through high school students have a bachelor’s in fine arts with an emphasis on education, and all art teachers must be licensed to teach at public schools. Art teachers on the college or university level usually hold a Master of Fine Arts. Employment for art teachers is projected to grow 12% by 2026.

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