Blockchain Developer

Analyzer, Contributor & Innovator

Potential salary $270,000

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are software developers who work with blockchain technology. A “block” is a means of permanently storing data which cannot be altered or deleted; when linked with other blocks it becomes a “blockchain.” This decentralized data storage solution was originally utilized for the creation of Bitcoin, but is now being rapidly adopted in a variety of industries as a reliable means of keeping sensitive data safe.

These analyzers, contributors, and innovators are responsible for the full life cycles of blockchain applications, from research and analysis to design and execution. There are two types of blockchain developers: Core Blockchain Developers and Blockchain Software Developers. Core blockchain developers develop the architecture of blockchain systems and design consensus protocols and security patterns for the network. Blockchain software developers use the architecture and protocols designed by core blockchain developers to build decentralized applications (Dapps) that run on blockchain technology.

Excellent programming skills and knowledge of various programming languages like Solidity, C++ and Java are requirements for blockchain developers, as well as experience with cryptography and specific blockchain protocols, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain developers also need strong analytical and communication skills in order to create solutions and work with engineers and other IT personnel.

Becoming a blockchain developer usually requires a bachelor’s degree in information security or computer science, but it’s possible to get a job with programming skills and relevant experience. The demand for blockchain developers is at an all-time high, soaring by 400% since late 2017 on Hired, a tech-recruitment firm; it’s the second most demanded skill after Artificial Intelligence specialists. Blockchain is one of the highest-paid programming fields, with entry-level salaries commonly starting at 6-figures; the highest salaries are found in New York and San Francisco, followed by Boston and Seattle.

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