Book Designer

Contributor, Creator & Maker

Potential salary $77,000

Book Designer

There’s more to books than just the words. Book designers are in charge of the visual components of published books. This includes the cover and any other visual breakouts or flourishes within the pages. Book designers are contributors, creators and makers who incorporate a book’s content with the cover, page layout and typography to create a cohesive, eye-catching whole. The job requires a lot of creativity, design fundamentals and an understanding of a book’s content, as well as business and marketing skills. Book designers work very closely with a client/author or an art director to come up with theme ideas that matches the book’s text. They then use their expertise in graphics and typography to create an attention-grabbing cover theme that will help sell books. These designers begin with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and may work for a variety of graphic companies before settling in with an in-house publishing company. Jobs for all graphic designers are projected at a 1% growth rate through 2024.

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