Business Continuity Planner

Analyzer, Contributor & Organizer

Potential salary $191,000

Business Continuity Planner

Business continuity planners prepare companies for potential threats to data loss or human safety ranging from blackouts and fires to school shootings. They are analyzers, contributors and organizers that ensure organizations can resume normal operations as soon as possible following a crisis.

These security and risk management professionals analyze potential risks that could disrupt a business, come up with methods to reduce the chance of those events occurring, and design, test and implement disaster recovery plans. They also train company employees to ensure compliance if a disruptive event occurs.

They can work for all kinds of businesses and organizations or as consultants, which may require travel. Most business continuity planners have a bachelor’s degree in information management, computer science or business administration. Many employers also require a professional certification through the Institute for Continuity Management. Jobs for this role are projected to grow 6% by 2029.

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